Lonero Community

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About Us

Lonero utilizes Cryptonote’s protocols and our HashBolt masternode consensus, taking security, transaction speeds, and mining profits to a new global standard.

What is Lonero?

  • Utilizes our HashBolt masternode consensus that allows for mining on ASIC and Non-ASIC systems.
  • Our decentralized technology allows both staking and mining in order to keep the technology ahead of the market.
  • Lonero outperforms leading privacy coins by integrating HashBolt, higher block size, segregated witnesses, as well as a lightning network.
  • Prioritizes safe and secure transactions by utilizing Cryptonote’s ring signature protocol and our custom multi-layer encryption.

Seed Node

port: 34414

If seed node doesn’t work, try one of the nodes in the beta config file

Configs: hpool | NOMP | OSMP | YAAMP | UMOMP | P2Pool | Stratum | Coinium | CoinHive | CPUMiner | MultiMiner | MiningCore | Poolserver