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We will present technological methodologies and perspectives related to a modern day socioeconomic system proposal. The basis of this system will be centered around anarcho-capitalistic concepts, decentralization, and deontological ethical premises. This framework will mention technologies such as the decentralized-internet SDK, UDIs, and technological case studies. This is primarily a computational engineering and blockchain-centric proposal for new methodologies that change the way current socioeconomic structures function in society. The case for a tax-free technologically advanced society backed by blockchain, and the potential politech implications of decentralization through mathematical and logical methods will also be presented. This proposal aims to provide insight to the world of blockchain, algorithms, ethics, politics, sociophysics, economics, and financial economic theory.


The Lonero project integrates its own cryptocurrency, as well as a series of open hardware and collaborative efforts, in order to create its own framework for a decentralized pipeline of systems. Lonero’s crypto LNR, has a technological integration for a series of different proofs that is compatible with ASIC and non-ASIC systems. Its mining validation system utilizes both “Proof of Work” and “Proof of Space”. The way Lonero’s systems can be integrated in place goes beyond mining, distributed computing or shared networks. One can further apply concepts of governance and disruptive socioeconomic models.


Lonero’s technology is centered around decentralization and decentralized use-cases, including its very own decentralized-internet SDK. In current modern times, in regards to socioeconomic systems and the political state of things, politech startups are looking for massive disruptive societal models and philosophies. The current allusion of choice in regards to a two party system or currently existing systems out there is quite noticeable. One perspective has been to look into the adaptation of anarcho-captitalist types systems and change through the means of pure logic and a science. This is a huge component in regards to something Lonero wants to work on.