The protocols that make Lonero what it is also allow for expanding use cases for Lonero across a variety of different sectors.

Among those usecases includes:

  • Crypto Mining
  • IOT and “Smart Devices”
  • Grid Computing Networks
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Parallel Computing Architectures

Crypto Mining

Current cryptocurrency mining is limited to special types of hardware. However, Lonero is working on leveling the playing field. More details about this is shown under the crypto section or our whitepaper.

IOT and “Smart Devices”

Lonero’s API is extensively built to allow smart device and IOT compatibility with its decentralized-internet SDK and pipeline.

Grid Computing Networks

Outside of working great with software such as PM2, at the core our decentralized internet is built with grid computing in mind. Infact, you can build custom DAPPS with grid computing compatibility or shared computing.

Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking and dynamic network centered applications or configurations work great with Lonero’s decentralized internet, or even connecting to our blockchain. Projects utilizing SDN demos of Lonero have even included underwater wireless networks.

Parallel Computing Architectures

Running and syncing data in parallel or multi-threaded processes, as well as parallel processing implementation is a huge part of our network’s overall design.