Hardware Cryptography

Our decentralized-internet SDK and lots of the technologies that Lonero works on can be utilized in hardware cryptography.

  • Headless Computing Systems
  • Hardware Cryptography as a Service
  • Post Quantum Cryptographic Research
  • Enterprise Level Cryptography Networks

Headless Computing Systems

Designs for headless computers and cryptographic hardware keys can be implemented with our SDK as well as our network. Mutli-Path Layered hardware cryptography and a flashed cryptographic hardware key network is also feasible. We even have a key design that is built untop of the Lonero OS through firmware connectivity.


Hardware Cryptography as a Service

Another phase of service offerings can include hardware cryptography as a service or even Wireshark integrated or network cache monitoring solutions. This can work on both decentralized and traditional networks.

Post Quantum Cryptographic Research

We are doing research in a variety of different Qubit compatible cryptography solutions. We aim to lay foundational work for the era of cryptography in a post-classical computing world.

Enterprise Level Cryptography Networks

Our cryptographic solutions aim to be compatible and fully scalable for large scale enterprise systems.