Lonero ATM Project


The Lonero ATM Project is a fork of openbitcoinatm, but for the concept of Lonero. Part of the reason this was made was seeing projects like Bitstop, inspired us to want to create something open source that would make Lonero more accessible. Please keep in mind this is intended for educational usecases and aspects only. Please keep in mind regulatory laws, and that ATM or crypto businesses may need a Money Transmitter License. Also please keep in mind this crypto is a utility, and this repo as well as community hardware project is primarily intended for educational purposes. To quote Jay Clayton who was an SEC chair, “Cryptocurrencies are replacements for sovereign currencies…[they] replace the yen, the dollar, the euro with bitcoin. That type of currency is not a security”. Us at Lonero believes the same applies at our case. Lonero was released as open source and without an ICO. We are actively working on many technological aspects that make Lonero unique in hopes of mass adoption.


  • 5V Power Supply
  • Resistor and Leads
  • Arduino SD Card Shield
  • Arduino Uno ATmega328 or Rev3
  • Apex 3000 Cash Acceptor or (3400)
  • Mounting Squares, Velcro, and Zip ties
Make sure to have the required tools and a knowledge of soldering
Get Kit w/ Just the Materials (No Case): $450
See Terms Below
Please allow 10 to 15 extra days for shipping

The Diagrams

Terms of Service

Please keep in mind these instructions are on an AS IS basis. Proper knowledge of soldering and basic IT is recommended. This may take at least few hours of building and setup time. This will likely take more time if you’re constructing your own case. Please keep in mind that many states have money transmitter license rules, and certain regulations ATM businesses need to adhere to. We are not to be held liable or responsible for any usage, misusage, or any liabilities related to this project, ideation, or the contents of this repo. The same applies for other related Lonero projects or software. Also, be sure to follow proper safety guidelines when going about constructing a project. We are not responsible for any liabilities related to the construction process, or any other known or unknown liabilities. Make sure to do your own research.

If you are interested in implementing something outside of OpenATM, perhaps check the Lamassu configs or look into the Open Franchise Model.