ChainBoard | The Next Gen Wireless Dev Board



ChainBoard is the next big thing for hardware enthusiasts, tinkerers and makers wanting to go “decentralized”.


Having worked on an Underwater WiFi project before, I have had the experience of utilizing multiple microcontrollers in order to achieve what I wanted. Having a bunch of pieces of hardware wired together seemed inefficient, and I looked at what the main components I needed were. This led me to make ChainBoard. ChainBoard is meant to be a high end microcontroller and personal computer that has many components needed to build complex LoRaWAN, bluetooth, wireless and sensory projects. You essentially have what is needed for low-energy bluetooth, mesh networking, LoRa transmission, UART-based communication modules, and many more all into a single board. N|Solid02 N|Solid03

*Some of the items that were in the above table included the below main components:

  • 32-bit MCUs
  • 915MHZ Lora Transceiver
  • 928MHZ Lora+Bluetooth Module
  • Bluetooth 4.2 BLE Module
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Low Energy Bluetooth Module
  • USB to UART Bridge Controller

N|Solid04 N|Solid05 N|Solid06

Not only can you use ChainBoard for the project ideas I demonstrated, but there are ways it can be utilized for much more. For example, one can create a smart plug or smart home system with ChainBoard. One can be able to have ChainBoard act as the mainframe for a small mesh network with multiple low cost bluetooth devices. One can create their own LoRaWAN transmission client. Somebody can even make a microcontroller controlled generator type system or utilize ChainBoard for an interconnected security system.

Given the capabilities of the components, and its cost, we didn’t want ChainBoard to be minimal in its applicable use cases. We wanted to create something that people may start building untop of. We wanted components that can be utilized for decentralization or P2P style connectivity. This may seem like just a extravagant project board, but we envision something much bigger. However, in order to make history, we feel we need to target the hobbyists first.

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