Lonero OS is based off of the Lubuntu OS, and has a few adding things such as:

  1. The uncompiled source binaries of: GitPrep, SMesh, Kademlia, Beaker Browser, and VPNBook
  2. Telegram Desktop installed
  3. DuckDuckGo should be the default browser

This project is part of an aim to create an open, distributed, censorship resistant operating system, and this is the beta of that.


  • Support freedom and decentralization
  • Has pre-installed source codes of P2P modules
  • Already has bluetooth, and a bit-torrent transmission client (as does Lubuntu)
  • An operating system easy to run decentralized blockchain applications on
  • The same software modules used here is the same operating system for “ChainBoard” which is a hardware board used by startups such as Stark Drones Corporation
Install via Docker: docker pull gamer456148/lonero-os
Pull Source w/ SourceForge:
git clone https://git.code.sf.net/p/lonero-os/code lonero-os-code